The Year of Elections 2012

2012 is the year of elections around the world and very important elections.

Superpower USA will decide in November 2012 for OBAMA or not?

PUTIN will be again new President in Russia or not?

Countries with biggest populations China and India will have their elections in  2012 too.

France will most probably decide  for the end of Sarkozy

Did you realize that all these countries together represent  the half of  total world population!

How is the situation with elections   in Turks and Caicos Islands beside these Giants?

They are to many disinformation and opposite statements from different sources in TCI.

2011 elections have been postponed with a lot of excuses and reasons . Now it is time to think very deeply,if the tiny island people are able or not able to elect and govern themselves?Are they able to go back again to democracy?Or they have to listen new stories,why the elections have to be postponed again,because the decision makers are not sitting in Turks and Caicos Islands.

The brave people of the island have to work out from the first days of the year to get this basic right,before it will be again too late.

Happy Election Year 2012.Enjoy it.

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