Lillian Misick will have several disappointments in 2012

Chair woman of the Consultative Forum Lillian Misick expressed disappointment in the Governor’s decision to close TCINVEST.

Is her disappointment because of closing or because not be informed?

Governor’s in Turks and Caicos Islands are working like Consultancy Companies,without responsibility ,because they are not elected,they are appointed!

They imported people from UK ,mostly of them without qualifications for their jobs.They are in Turks and Caicos because they are not able to get jobs in UK.They have no sense for Caribbean,they have no sense for the culture,they have no knowledge.They are here because they have no other job.

They are getting the jobs from local people,which are doing this since years.

But because of “CORRUPTION” they are not trusted.

Turks and Caicos Islands is the first country in the history governed with only advisors!

Lillian Misick has to understand,that she is also not trusted!She have to accept it or go away like other people before her.

Wait,she will have other decisions,very important decisions in this year,served to her in parking places from the Governor or his advisors.

Here the statement of Lillian Misick about  TCINVEST  scandal decision of  first very welcomed Governor Todd.


Subject: TCInvest

Dear Governor Todd

I feel compelled to state for the record how truly dismayed I am by the way you have gone about making, and informing us of, your decision to abolish TCInvest.

Many of us greeted your inaugural promise to run a collaborative and transparent administration in good faith and with goodwill.  And even though I have been moved on a few occasions since your inauguration to challenge you to honour it, that promise has never seemed more hollow than it did during the Forum’s closed session this morning.

I was so caught off guard when your Director of Strategy Philip Rushbrook informed me in the parking lot on Friday of your decision to abolish TCInvest that I requested an urgent meeting, which you graciously granted yesterday afternoon.

At that meeting you explained the reasons why you thought this decision was necessary.  I countered by explaining that your reasoning was fundamentally flawed because it focused entirely on the mismanagement and abuse of the agency; i.e., to coin the phrase you used, perhaps unwittingly, you were throwing out the baby with the bath water.

To be fair, I gathered that you were basing your reasoning on a report by UK Advisor Stephen Turnbull, a copy of which you were kind enough to present to me midway through our meeting. But I felt constrained to question the reliability of its findings after glancing a section on the Business Development Center : I served as chairman of TCInvest for 5 years and director of the Business Development Center 10.

I thought it would give you pause when I pointed out that it strains credulity to think that any advisor could produce a comprehensive report on the functioning of this agency, let alone my department, without speaking to me.

In fact you paused long enough to reassure me that it was only a draft report and that you were quite prepared to grant my request for the Forum to hold a public hearing so that the proffered reasons for closing TCInvest could be properly examined.

Yet less than 24 hours later you were insisting in our closed session that there was no need for further discussion because your mind had been made up, presumably based on Mr. Turnbull’s flawed and incomplete draft report.

Let me hasten to clarify that I have never questioned your authority to make this or any other decision. Which makes me wonder why you continually assert – with the gratuitous force of a parent asserting her authority to discipline her child – that you have this authority.

My sole purpose for appealing to you on this and other matters was to get you to demonstrate that your talk about making your interim administration the most honest, open, and transparent in the Caribbean is not just hot air.

Alas, that you were adamant to the point of appearing defiant this morning about your decision to abolish TCInvest, despite the earnest pleadings of members for just a chance to be heard, made it clear to all present that my appeals to you have been in vain.

I hope you appreciate how much credence this gives to those who dismissed the Forum from the outset as nothing more than a rubber-stamp for the neo-colonial machinations of British interlopers.

This is profoundly regrettable and portends dire consequences for our UK-TCI relationship.


Lillian Misick

Chair TCI Consultative Forum

One thought on “Lillian Misick will have several disappointments in 2012

  1. Mr. Ric Damian Todd, HE Governor,

    I am very much confused in that Mr. Ric Damian Todd, His Excellency (HE) Governor of the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI), has seen it fitting to “micro-manage” the affairs of the TCI!

    Let me first say, that the HE Governor is on record saying that we was very much surprised that the Foreign Commonwealth Office (FCO) has chosen him to be the governor of the TCI, and that he had not applied for the position.

    And Governor, do correct me if I am wrong, in that this thread as printed in the TCI Post, is well well read far and near, and all with intent, will judge your responses, that is, if it is “your will” to reply to such a peasant as I may be called. Have you ever served in such capacity as Governor, and have you managed a full=scale function of government as such the TCI?

    I ask, would the HE Governor find it insulting to the loyal Chairperson of the Consultative Forum, to have had performed a functional/operational audit of the TCInvest, right under her watch (of course, unless, the good gentle lady was asleep), made such a major change that has severely and adversely affected her livelihood?

    I that the way to reward a good “servant”? Of course, unless it is the good governor’s attention to bring the gentle lady closer to him by placing her in the office of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO, a topic for a later discussion).

    I ask, would the HE Governor find it insulting to the highly selected Permanent Secretaries (PSs), to now have them in place, and to make such a major change to administration?

    Governor, being as slow as I am, I ask, would the HE Governor find it in poor taste to have just recruited a highly respected UK professional, and a few days before he takes office, you made such a major change to administration?

    Governor, did you not think that the CEO was able to review and appropriately configured?

    Governor, if the CEO sees it fit to make further changes, does he need for permission?

    Mr. Ric Damian Todd, HE Governor, do you intend to exercise just cause in employing real transparency, proper organizational reporting, now that the PSs are in place, or will you “usurp” authority, continue to micro-manage, and let the individuals, including the CEO, be mere agents of your will?

    As a heads up as they say on the streets, Governor, I want you to know that, not too many people here in the TCI, and I am sure world-wide, are not only too happy with the responses that you gave in the consultative Forum when being asked about the PSs selection process, but the manner that you spoke to the Chairperson of the Forum. You position, if you know it or not, is one of a policy – Quasi Judiciary -, and not administrative.

    Some of your actions that you are engaging are not recognized Human Resource Management “best practices”, and you, with greatest humility, should take heed.

    I know that your immediate staff, I hope, may know better, or best, but, they may all be afraid, not only to challenge you decisions, but to give better advice, in fear of being side-lined. Governor, your staff is you support, you need friends, not jackals around you.

    I now communicate to you in peace, with much love for my country, and in hopes, that from here on in, you will make us proud of you, as our Governor!

    Kindest regards,

    Edward E. Smith, PhD.

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