Democracy is in danger in Turks and Caicos Islands.

In August 2009 Hon.Governor Whetherell brought into force an Order in Council suspending TCI constitution.House of Assembly was dissolved and all representative seats vacated.

Amongst the astounding changes was that the basic right in the European Declaration of Human Rights to a Trial by JURY was also suspended

The sole political power is now Governors,appointed by UK Government.

I have been made a victim of politics of Turks and Caicos.In English law,the saying is that “justice must not only be done,but it must be seen to be done”.

Dr.Cem Kinay



  1. Rev. E. Conrad Howell says:

    Dear Dr. Kinay,

    For a goodly while it seems JUSTICE was up to the highest bidder, especially when there is an intent to try folks in their absence. It becomes a charade!

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