First Independent Candidate for Turks and Caicos Elections

Oswald M. Simons, a local business owner, has announced he will run for an “at large” seat in parliament. He is the first independent candidate to make a formal announcement.

Two others, Harold Charles and Edward Smith, have apparently decided to join with others and form a third party. 

Also interested at one time in running as an independent was former Peoples Democratic Movement (PDM) and Consultative Forum member Courtney Misick of North Caicos. However, Misick seems to have retreated from this ambition and decided not to run.

Earnest Forbes Jr of Middle Caicos, a Progressive National Party (PNP) supporter who tried for a PNP candidacy, may run for the North-Middle Caicos seat against PNP Don-Hue Gardiner and PDM Astwood Forbes. Earnest lives in Middle Caicos and the other candidates live on Provo.

Simons, in announcing his candidacy, said that if elected he will concentrate on improving the country’s finances and doing something to make health care affordable. 

According to his resume, this new candidate has offshore banking and real estate experience.

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