Time for the Governor ,Deputy Governor to start respecting Premier in TCI

Published in TCI Post

Readers may remember that late last year at the 2nd sitting of the House of Assembly, the Premier made a Ministerial Statement in Parliament. The following is an excerpt from that statement:
Mr. Speaker, as Premier, I am responsible for the conduct of business in all ministries, along with the holders of the ministerial portfolios, so I will not go deep into the business of those ministries. Mr. Speaker, I assumed responsibility for Investment and Trade as I saw the need to boost inward invest in this country. Mr. Speaker, I must state clearly that the Inward Investment Unit cannot function maximally under the Deputy Governor’s Office and with the current structure. Therefore Mr. Speaker, it is my Government’s intention to transfer the Investment Unit to the Ministry of Finance and the development of a new statutory body with similar functions to TCInvest to replace the Investment Unit in short order. I will allow the Hon. Minister of Finance to expound on this further.
Mr. Speaker, during the period of the Interim Administration, the Spokesperson for the Governor’s Office was also in charge of the TCIG’s Press Office. Mr. Speaker, after we were elected as the Government, there is a clear reluctance to relinquish control of the Press Office, which is still under the Deputy Governor’s Office. Mr. Speaker, come January morning the TCIG’s Press Office will be transferred to the office of the Premier with increased staffing and no interference. End
In response to that section of the Ministerial statement, it was brought to my attention that the Deputy Governor said that the Premier is a Minister without portfolio and cannot make such decisions and as a result the press office and the Investment Unit will be staying where they are. The Investment unit is operated from the Deputy Governor’s Office and the governor is refusing to relinquish control of the government’s press office.
The letter from the Deputy Attorney General Rhondalee Braithwaite informing investors that the Premier has no authority to deal with any investment in the TCI confirms that the Governor , the Deputy Governor and British Officials have no respect for the Premier or his office or for the will of the voters of the TCI. Rhondalee had to get permission from someone high up in the former interim regime in order to write such a letter.
The Press Secretary Zadie Neufville who is a Jamaican refused to take any instructions from the Premier and does not speak to him. Imagine an expat paid by our tax dollars disrespecting our elected Premier.
The governor and the Deputy Governor has created an atmosphere where expat civil servants will soon show the Honourable Premier their Middle Finger.
The Governor’s Parrot oops press Secretary Neil Smith still follows the elected government around even though he is not wanted and the government press secretary Zadie Neufville only take instructions from Neil Smith.
To add insult to injury the Governor and the Deputy Governor are demanding that the Premier must get approval from them first before he can hold a press conference and they want to know before hand what he is going to say. This is disrespect to the highest. When is it going to stop????


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