The Bullies Got Punched In The Mouth

Publıshed ın TCI Post on 01st March 2013

Royal S. Robinson, MB

The Premier, Dr. Rufus Washington Ewing has now effectively and publicly engaged the British and the remnants of the Interim Administration head on! He has said, and has demonstrated that it is thus far and no further! The Turks and Caicos Islands people are now seeing that the Dr. is no shrinking violet. He has come fully out of his own shadows and demonstrated why people like me voted for him in our Party’s leadership race that took place recently. The fire and brimstone that was simmering beneath the surface is now out into the open in broad daylight for all Turks and Caicos Islanders, the Caribbean Region and the world at large to see.
By the Doc’s professional stance, he is assesses the situation carefully before bringing his surgeon’s scrapple to bear on the tumor that is adversely affecting the patient. Once that determination has been made, he wields that scrapple with total skill and dexterity. It is out there now how the Governor and Minister Simmonds have been carved up by the Doc. He is not prepared to take no for an answer and neither is he prepared to allow the smoke and mirrors approach by the FCO to deter him from the full representation of the people of this country who have given him the mandate to carry the torch of governing this country for the next four years.
Bullies have the distinct habit of talking loud and saying nothing. They like to give veiled and sometimes overt threats if they feel that people will give in, cower behind the pushes while they have their way. Those days are long gone! The line in the sand has been clearly demarcated the people of this country are fully behind the stance taken. It was no small measure for the Government and Opposition to join hands in the fight to expose the evils of the implementation of VAT. Yes the businessmen of this country were an important part of the fight. But we must remember that Legislation can only be carried if it emanates from the House of Assembly. Now the Governor has some reserve powers that would allow him to pass Bills on his own, but that particular power must be utilized judiciously. The current Governor and his directors from London do not give us comfort that they will always act in what is clearly in the best interest of our people as they are constitutionally required to do. If that were the case, then a number of pieces of Legislation and policies would have reflected the clear will and wishes of our people.
They surely have the constitution authority to do most of these things, but they certainly do not have the moral right to do so. Some of us have said that why either or both of the political Parties had not done more in the intervening years of the Interim Administration. They just did not have the platform from which to operate. Some point to the flawed and uneven distribution of power between the elected representatives and the Governor. I can safely say that under the circumstances prevailing at the time, we got as best what we could. The two ladies from the Forum and Advisory Council, though being Turks and Caicos Islanders, carried personal positions that were more in line with the thinking of the British and particularly the Governor who made them a part of his team. So the reality of the situation now is that the policy directives and Legislations that offend the sensibilities of Turks and Caicos Islanders can only be amended, repealed or abandoned through an elected government operating through Cabinet and the House of Assembly!
We have seen the push back from a position of strength. The remnants of the Interim Administration cannot as some of their minions liked to say, that the politicians had no power in determining what was good or bad for us. That is no longer a point anymore. Both Parties developed a Manifesto that was presented to the people. A selection was made based on the people’s perception of what was best and in their interest. So a mandate to rule and govern was given. So it is now up to the government to carry out that mandate.
Both the Governor and FCO do not take kindly to the government asserting itself for and on behalf of us. They have taken a school master to pupil or father to son approach towards the relationship with the elected government. The Premier is having none of that anymore. There must be a grown up relationship between the parties with equal and mutual respect. They cannot operate as if they are the fountain of all wisdom, because clearly they are not. When they have their problems, and there have been many over time, they allow themselves to work them out. We ask no less of them for us. We are not prepared to take a lot of what is clearly hog wash, for a nicely prepared soup. We know the difference!
The Premier and his Cabinet are no longer prepared to let the Governor or the FCO talk down to them! Those days are clearly behind them. The people of this country are fully on one accord in the matter of what is in their best interest. The push back is on! The Bully would be punched in the mouth if he continues in that vein. We are not afraid to take them on. We needed leadership in the fight and we have that. In poker, it is said that you play the cards that you have and not the ones that might give you a stronger hand. The Premier is punching back after being rushed and pushed to the rope by the bully. The bully has been surprised by the strength and resolve of the Premier. They are now fully exposed for the bullies that they are! The Premier is not afraid to give them more than what they have meted out to us. There was a slogan that probably got misused, “I aint never scared”! I can tell you that this Premier aint scared to take on the Governor, FCO, CFO, AG and whatever remnants of the Interim Administration so that deserving Turks and Caicos Islanders can get their just rewards!


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