Education minister attacks Jamaican newspaper
Published on March 28, 2013 !TCI News Now.

The minister of education, youth, sports and culture, Akierra Missick, said she is “appalled” at a recent article published in the Jamaica Gleaner newspaper which, she said, sought to sensationalize what was touted to be an interview on the TCI educational system.

According to the Gleaner, Missick is planning to scrap the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) curriculum and consider the British education system for all schools in the TCI, a move that would place the jobs of some 250 Jamaican teachers in jeopardy.

In a statement on Wednesday, Missick said that the cabinet recently agreed a stakeholder consultation to garner views , recommendations and comments on various aspects of TCIs educational system including:

• Curriculum Development
• Assessments
• Security issues
• Ordinance and Policy issues

According to the minister, there will be several avenues for the public to participate in this consultation. It is from this initiative that the ministry hopes to garner ideas that will help to steer the TCI toward the ultimate goal of the development of a graduate that is able to stand as a global citizen and make a mark in his/her country’s development.

However, Missick would only go so far as to say there were no “immediate” plans to send home 200 teachers.

“Any action concerning the well being of the children of the TCI, will be carefully planned and in their best interest,” Missick said.

The minister reiterated what she described as her mandate to develop local talent in an effort to reduce the overall dependency on expatriate labour. The minister said she is also keen on expanding opportunities and options for high school graduates to matriculate to the best universities and complete programs in the shortest time possible.

“This may mean introducing other types of assessments,” she said, in an apparent reference to a different curriculum and/or examination system.


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