Press Statement from Premier Dr.Rufus Ewing regarding Shooting Incident


There has been much discussion in the media and amongst residents concerning a recent firearm incident and the Minister of Immigration and Labour, Hon. Ricardo Don Hue Gardiner.

I wish to inform the public that a thorough investigation is ongoing to ascertain the realities of the incident and the extent of the involvement of the Honorable Minister, if any. The Office of the Premier is currently awaiting such official reports of the incident from the Commissioner of Police and the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution.

In the meantime it has been rumoured that the Honorable Minister of Immigration and Labour has been fired and/or has resigned from his post. Such rumours are false as the Minister has not tendered his resignation nor has the Premier asked for it to be tendered. We live in a country that must be governed by the rule of law and justice, and as such it is inappropriate for me to harbour any such requests before the investigations have been completed and recommendations have been made in the interest of Good Governance.

I must however reiterate my view which is that persons in public life, including members of Cabinet and of the legislative and Judicial arms of government, should conduct themselves throughout, in a manner that is befitting of the offices that they hold.


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